• Brittany Balyn

My Current go-to Pregnancy OOTD

Finding the right thing to wear in the early stages of pregnancy is hard!

Is it bloat or is it baby?

This Free People jumpsuit is perfect fit for those in between moments.

In this photo I was 16 weeks pregnant, the early weeks of my 2nd trimester. Honestly, since week 9 I've been having issues wearing my old pants, but my maternity leggings still look a little silly. Plus life can get a little boring in the same black leggings for every occasion!

That's where this oversized Free People jumpsuit comes to save the day.

Let's break it down:

1. First trimester friendly for that baby bloat, check.

2. Second trimester friendly for the beginning of that baby bump, check

3. Third trimester friendly for that omg how did I get so big bump, check.

4. Postpartum friendly for when you're in that I just want to comfortable in my diaper stage, check.

5. Also, it's on sale, check.

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